Deardrosselmeir (farrahwednesday) wrote in basementfreaks,

Ah, I'm new

Looking for someone who is interested in being my *Ahem* "penpal" (I believe is the correct term (Such an ugly word))

Name: Haley

Location: For you to find out after you realize how cool I am (so then it won't matter)
damn now I've got you expecting the worst.
Well, I know what you're thinking but it's NOT Alabama.

One over.

Age: 17

Favorite 4 colors: turquoise, maroon, cadmium yellow, red (it's chic)

Some of your hobbies: all art from drawing and writing to fingerpainting and urination art to anti-art and more.

Do you collect anything?: Blazers, vintage clip-on earrings, lone earings and charms, art books, tote bags, stencils

What Size do you wear? tops small, bottoms medium. Just think "stick".

Favorite candy: Nerds, caramel filled hersheys kisses, and those chewy peach flavored rings.
Oh, and if you're Chinese, can you hook me up with some seafood flavored pringles? I hear they have those in China.

Favorite flavors: apples and oranges. anything fruity.

other things you are into: Chai tea, coffee houses and comment books, gay guys, reading (david sedaris, kurt vonnegut, TS Eliot), music (Gogol Bordello, of montreal, sigur ros, TOM WAITS, world inferno friendship society), art (surrealism, dada, graphic arts), deviantart, yoga revolution, traveling (not that I have had many (ANY) travels), public transportation, hopping trains, concerts, nutella and hummus and other good stuff, gypsy punk, confusing and colorful films like Science of Sleep, Amelie, and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, documentries, postcards, I want to know your story

what would be in your "dream package":
SEAFOOD FLAVORED PRINGLES (isn't as disgusting as it sounds okay)
Hand made stuff (clothes, art, jewelry)
music and stories you want to share
We can keep a joint diary and send it back and forth with anything and everything
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